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Why Choose Air Craftsmen, Inc.
I.   Credibility and Believability
    A. The world’s largest installer of Moldow filter systems
    B. Approved supplier to the world’s largest retailer
    C. Representative for a major baler manufacturer
II.   Different and Unique from Other Suppliers
    A. Complete custom design, construction and installation-nationwide or international
    B. Management experience with the first Moldow filter systems in the world’s largest furniture     manufacturer under one roof
    C. Manufacturer of the TRM brand name filter
III.   We’re Important to Our Customers
    A. Experience in 27 states and 6 foreign countries
    B. Sell only top-of-the-line international name brand industrial equipment
IV.   We’re Going to Be Here
    A. Over 1700 systems installed since 1981
    B. Duct systems are made to last, using industrial grade metal


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