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About Air Craftsmen, Inc.

Air Craftsmen, Inc. has built a reputation for being a customer friendly supplier. If you're considering changing, adding or rebuilding your air filtration system, we invite you to contact Air Craftsmen, Inc. for further discussion.

We'll thoroughly review your requirement, ask penetrating questions, and follow-up with a complete recommendation for your specific application.

We believe you'll quickly understand the many benefits of working with Air Craftsmen, Inc.
And we’ll be here for you tomorrow, because today’s values and ethics are imprinted throughout Air Craftsmen, Inc. 

Comprehensive Air Filtration is what we're all about.

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Air Craftsmen, Inc. • P.O Box 5547 • 2503 Northside Drive • Statesville, NC 28687 • 336-248-5777 • 704-878-0647 (fax)